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Portland Drywall Contractor

Whether the fridge leaked or you were moving some office furniture and dinged the drywall, hire us as your Portland drywall contractor. Especially if you have been looted or rioted recently. Who can you call, though, for any issues you find in your building?

It takes experienced contractors to address every problem and product that you have. From small cracks and damages to total wall replacement, we do it all.

Our Portland drywall contractor provides a variety of professional building materials and experience. Wherever you have holes, cracks, moisture damage, or riot damage, we complete the jobs fast and with a high-level of expertise. 

Don’t let your headquarters look old and worn- choose us for repair services. We guarantee your building will look like new again with affordable solutions.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Portland Drywall Company we strive for excellence not only in our work but also with customer service.

The Best Drywall Contractor in Portland, OR

All too often, drywall repairs are the last to be fixed. Especially in employee-only areas or rooms in the home nobody goes into. However, ignored drywall concerns only keep your staff and office space at risk.

Even small gaps are enough to allow pests and moisture inside. Unless you address problems once they form, you aren’t protecting your buildings enough.

Instead, we work with a variety of materials to ensure your office or home stay in perfect condition. Contact us now to address any problems and for professional products such as:

  • Standard Drywall/White Board
  • Green Board
  • Blue Board Drywall
  • Paperless Panels
  • Purple Board
  • Type X/Fire Resistant
  • Soundproof Drywall

Whatever applications you need, we offer them at lower costs. Keep your business performing its best with our expert installers.

The Best Commercial and Residential Contractors in Portland, OR

When you need experienced contractors and affordable pricing, you need to hire us first. We guarantee your top results possible for any job you have now.

Even if you don’t know where to start, our team handles every step. Keep your repair and maintenance needs a breeze and contact us.

See why local business owners prefer our commercial drywall contractors. Choose Portland Drywall Repair for any building products and repair services.

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Easy, Fast, and Efficient

Wether it’s a full commercial installation or a residential repair, we bring our best to the table to ensure working with us is nothing less than a great experience.

White Board Drywall

White board gets used in most applications when building walls and ceilings. While it offers no additional properties, it appears throughout most facilities.

And chances are if you need one new board, you likely need others as well. Have us maintain your commercial buildings at affordable daily prices.

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Green Board

While green boards won’t stop water intrusion, it does offer better moisture protection. That makes it the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high humidity areas.

Green drywall is also helpful for those areas that always feel muggy when you enter. Whether you need commercial repairs or improvements, you can rely on us.

Blue Board Drywall

When you have interior spaces that look luxurious, you probably have blue board panels. These drywall products offer enhanced moisture and sound absorption than others.

These materials also look closer to traditional plaster over other types of boards. Make sure an experienced professional is handling your advanced building products and call now.

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paperless drywall

Paperless Drywall Panels

While most drywall has some type of paper covering, not all boards do. Paperless walls are more expensive, but they also provide better protection over time.

Installing these types of panels can lead to lower maintenance costs. To learn more about these fiberglass products, speak with our team today.

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Purple Drywall Board

Purple drywall boards are instantly recognizable by their color. These durable products offer superior moisture protection and mold growth resistance.

They usually get installed closer to the building’s exterior over other types. And they offer lots of advantages when used near your attic as well.

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fire resistant drywall

Fire Resistant

Fire-resistant drywall panels, sometimes called Type X, primarily get used in garages. As a non-combustible board, they prevent fires from spreading as quickly.

Because these products are also thicker, they can aid in noise reduction, too. Plus, they are required in many areas, needing an experienced contractor for installations.

Soundproof Drywall

Sometimes, the office simply stays too noisy for you to feel productive. A fast and effective way of reducing distractions is with soundproof drywall panels.

These products are similar to laminated boards, but they use many different fibers. As a result, they filter out lots more noises over standard products.

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